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Waynewood VA Real EstateWaynewood VA Real Estate is situated along the Potomac River in Alexandria, Virginia, less than 12 miles from Washington, D.C. It encompasses what was George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. Residents enjoy a quaint and quiet town and many gather together to celebrate BBQs with live music and dancing at Fort Hunt Park or Collingwood Park.

The Waynewood neighborhood was once part of the Mount Vernon plantation. Waynewood VA Real Estate is situated on what was River Farm, one of five farms comprising the Mount Vernon plantation. In 1754, when George Washington became the sole owner of Mount Vernon, he began acquiring additional tracts until the plantation grew in size from the original 2,126 acres to more than 8,000 acres. The five farms, all highly developed and well-cultivated, were known as Mansion House Farm, Union Farm, Muddy Hole Farm, Dogue Run Farm, and River Farm. River Farm consisted of 1,806 acres and was purchased in 1769.

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In addition to the Waynewood subdivision, two stately and historic old mansions, now restored and modernized, stand on the original River Farm property. The Tobias Lear home, “Wellington,” at 7931 East Boulevard Drive, was built in 1740, and is now the headquarters for the American Horticultural Society.

The earliest part of “Collingwood,” located at 8301 East Boulevard Drive, was built in 1785. Today it is headquarters for National Sojourners, Inc., an organization of active and retired military officers who are Master Masons. It also houses the Collingwood Library and Museum on Americanism. Both properties are open to the public.

Collingwood Library and Museum consists of a historic mansion that houses thousands of books and artifacts relating to the history of America. As part of George Washington’s River Farm, the rich history had many of the founding fathers walking this land in our nation’s infancy. Nestled on approximately 8.7 acres on the Potomac River off the George Washington Memorial Parkway in Alexandria, VA, Collingwood is available for conferences, retreats, business meetings and weddings.

Examples of the Library’s unique collections include a complete six volume set and an incomplete 39 volume set of the writings of George Washington which lacks only three volumes; an extensive collection of American Indian history; a collection of Harpers Magazine beginning with issue number one, from 1850 through 1910; an unusually diverse and valuable 280 volume collection from the personal library of a former US Army Chief of Staff.   On display in the library is an autographed copy of the celebrated poem, ‘A Toast to the Flag”, by John Jay Daly.   Also on display in the library are bronze plaques of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The Museum has a gold-cast copy of the Magna Carta. It is # 112 of 500 made by the Library of London in 1976 as a tribute to our Bicentennial. Also contained in the library is a 19,000 volume micro-fiche set of the History of American Civilization compiled by the Encyclopedia Britannica and the Smithsonian Institution. The library also houses genealogy belonging to the District of Columbia Chapter of the Descendants of the Mayflower.

The Waynewood neighborhood subdivision was developed by Clarence W. Gosnell, Inc., and consists of approximately 301 acres, which had been acquired from five separate owners. Most Waynewood VA Real Estate is situated in this area. The community was formally opened in 1957 and in 2007, celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

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