Selling a house is not an easy task. It might seem like it, after all houses are sold everyday.

Why do I have to pay so much money for someone to do what you can just do yourself?

I totally understand why you might think this way, but the reality is that it takes more than just advertising your house in the MLS to actually sell it.

According to NAR, Sellers who use a real estate professional make 16 percent more on the sale of their home than sellers who go it alone. Of all transactions in the US, only 10% try to do it themselves. Eighty percent of those contact a real estate agent after trying for several months. Of the 20% left, 10% give up and the other 10% are the ones that actually sell but most of the time to a neighbor or a friend.

Unrepresented sellers often do not understand the complexity, range and timing of tasks they will have to perform.

Things that WILL happen:

  • People (like realtors) will be calling you to solicit your business, and you would wish it was an actual buyer.
  • Interested buyers will be calling you, but most likely are the “bargain hunters”. It could be frustrating, I know.

May be that is why about 80% of FSBOS end up listing with an agent after trying for a while (?)

Nevertheless, I do admire your determination! So here it is a FREE Report of the 10 worst mistakes FSBOS make when listing a home.

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Good Luck!