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Kalorama Real EstateKalorama real estate lies in the neighborhoods of Kalorama Triangle and Sheridan-Kalorama.  It is accesbile from the Dupont Circle and Woodley Park Metro stations. Kalorama was primarily rural until the end of the 19th century. In the 1880’s the area was subdivided for urban development. The Calvert Street Bridge, built in 1891, and the Taft Bridge, became crucial to development of both side of Kalorama.

Kalorama Triangle is a residential enclave bounded by Connecticut Avenue, Calvert Street, NW, and Columbia Road. Kalorama homes in this neighborhood include both more stylized architecture and modest builder-designed dwellings. Georgian Revival, Mediterranean, and English Arts and Crafts style homes are particularly abundant.

The first Kalorama real estate on subdivided land was built in the English Arts and Crafts style by Thomas Fuller.  The Georgian Revival style was introduced in 1898 by Walter Peter. In 1901 Alex Miller built 1901 Biltmore Street in the Colonial Revival style. The most impressive examples of Mediterranean style architecture are 1850 and 1852 Biltmore Street. Both were designed and built by W. Granville Guss. The Spanish Revival style did not become popular until the 1920’s.


Real estate in Kalorama is recognized both for its individuality and interrelatedness. Together it presents a rich tapestry of history expressed in diverse architectural styles, each charming in its own way. Picturesque streets are lined with three and four story houses and multi family dwellings. Walking through the neighborhood can feel like a trip through history from the inception of the modern age to its present state.

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