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Foxhall DC Real EstateFoxhall is an affluent, mostly residential neighborhood in Washington, D.C., listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2007. Architecturally Foxhall Village is distinct because the vast majority of the homes are a brick Tudor style. Foxhall Village is bordered by Reservoir Road on the north side and Foxhall Road on the west and south sides. Glover-Archibold Park makes up the eastern border. The first homes were constructed along Reservoir Road and Greenwich Park Way in the mid-1920s. By the end of 1927 the community given the name of Foxhall Village – one of Washington, DC’s most charming and unique residential neighborhoods. Foxhall DC Real Estate is perfect for those seeking a quite neighborhood setting rich in history and architecture.

Foxhall Village was recognized as an architectural triumph almost from the date construction began. To guarantee that the beauty of Foxhall homes will be maintained for generations to come, the community in July 2007 was granted designation as an historic district. That designation is officially recognized by both the District of Columbia and the National Park Service.

Today the more than three hundred homes that make up Foxhall DC Real Estate are permanently protected. With Historic status comes a number of additional homeowner responsibilities concerning architectural changes to the exterior of the homes. Residents of the district should be aware of these requirements before beginning any project that could impact the appearance of their home. Specifically, all exterior architectural alterations and all building permits must be approved by the DC Historic Preservation Office.

Additionally, in an Historic District, certain projects require building permits that do not require building permits in non-designated areas. For example, replacement windows, front doors, and roofs require permits to insure that the materials and design are historically appropriate. All new windows on street-facing elevations must be wood casements or wood double-hung per the original design. Roofs that were originally slate must be replaced with appropriate slate. And front doors can only be replaced with doors of identical design and materials. Given that the materials used by the original builders were of such high quality, residents are encouraged to consider restoration, rather than replacement of significant architectural features.

The DC Historic Preservation Office is available to work closely with homeowners and can recommend companies that can carry out approved exterior work. The Historic Preservation Committee of the FCCA also can provide assistance and keeps lists of qualified contractors.

The historic designation of Foxhall Village will insure that the unique charm that makes Foxhall DC Real Estate special will be maintained for generations to come.

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