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Home Search Mobile App – download here for free directly from the MLS

Convenient home search mobile application in VA , MD or DC Did you just passed a really nice house with a “for sale” sign and want to know the price, look at pictures and all information without having to call anyone? TEXT:  PSH    TO: 87778 To download the MLS (yes, straight from MLS) application.

Are you a Foreigner investing in the US?

If you are, always consult with an accountant to know of the implications. Though there are no restrictions there’s always some issues that you would have to deal with. For instance if you buy in VA it will not become apparent when writing a contract as the regional forms do not include the foreign investment […]

How would you like to retire early?


JDPowers honor

I am very proud to be part of this great company! We have ranked “Highest in Overall Satisfaction for Home Buyers and Home Sellers among all National Full Service Real Estate Firms” How about that !  🙂

Investing in real estate – not so passive


Adding light to a finished attic space

In my daily outings looking at houses, I often come across finished attics that are lacking the appeal of that sometimes necessary “added room”. Mainly due to the shape of the roof which makes it impossible to walk along the edges.  But also because of the lack of natural light. I came across this ingenuous […]

Waiting for prices to hit “bottom”

From time to time I hear prospective buyers saying. “I am waiting for prices to hit “bottom” to buy” Real Estate Market activity is local with variations and swings up or down on a monthly basis, all depending on local economic news, regional events, weather -believe or not- and overall consumer confidence. This last variable […]

Be aware of the Law change for real estate purchases in VA effective July 1st

The changes in law from the 2011 Session of the General Assembly will require agents to:     Provide written agency and brokerage agreements to consumers; (Effective July 1, 2012); Please note: the only change to what is already required by Virginia law is that these agreements be in writing as opposed to verbally disclosed,     […]

What not to do when “flipping”

I look at houses every day and have been doing this for years, often times looking for the perfect house for my clients, others just checking out the inventory. But I also like to see what investors do with “distressed” homes and analyze what goes wrong when they do not sell. Mistake number 1 . […]