Extraordinary Alexandria Campaign

Casa Rosada. Artisan Gelatos in Old Town Alexandria

Try these gelatos. They are soooo good. They use all fresh ingredients and they are made on site. Watch the video on how they make them  

Alexandria Fire Works

Alexandria celebrated its own birthday last night July 12th at the Oronoco Bay Park with a beautiful display of fireworks and enjoyed fantastic music performed by the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra.    

A question every cash buyer should answer before

Paying cash for a home seems like a huge advantage to qualifying for a mortgage and an appraisal.  However, for the fortunate few who don’t need a mortgage, there is a question they should answer before they make that decision: Do you think at any point in the future, you might put a mortgage on […]

Alexandria City Median Sales Price

What does a Buyer Agent do ?

Courtesy of Seattle Homes for creating this video for me!!!          

Is a lower payment your choice?

94% of purchasers last year opted for a fixed-rate mortgage at some of the lowest rates in home buying history.  Yet, some of them will pay more in interest than necessary based on the time they’ll own the home. If a person only plans to be in the home a few years, the adjustable-rate can […]

TJ Fannon and Sons, Interview about Heat Pumps

My clients always asked me about the differences between a heat pump and a regular furnace. I had the opportunity to ask Tom Fannon in Old Town Alexandria VA what those are. Listen and watch this video as he explains the advantages and disadvantages. This system is sometimes found around here in Alexandria as well […]

TJ Fannon and Sons, Interview about High Velocity Duct Installation

I asked Tom Fannon about the differences between a standard HVAC duct and the high velocity types when you are remodeling a house. They both have advantages and disadvantages but useful in those tight spaces in an old house such as the ones we found in Old Town Alexandria. SHARE Patricia S Harris is  REALTOR […]

TJ Fannon and Sons, Interview about Boilers

I interviewed Tom Fannon about the types of boilers we can find here in Alexandria VA, and other Northern Virginia area homes. Watch the video as Tom explains the different types of boilers. You can always call him for more information.   SHARE   Patricia S Harris is  REALTOR ® AND an Architect, She is […]